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Developing molecular tools for cancer detection and COVID-19 testing

Clifton Life Sciences is a leader in the emerging field of liquid biopsies.


An innovative blood-based molecular signature platform

We combine our proprietary genomic profiles with our advanced informatics and data management software to provide an end-to end service.

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Liquid Biopsy

We develop blood-based assays that function as liquid biopsies for solid tumours.

Medical research scientist conducts DNA experiments under a digital microscope in a biological applied science laboratory.


Tumour RNA characteristics generate biological markers that can be used in medical testing.

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Liquid biopsies provide real-time information about tumour pathobiology.

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Tumour RNA amplification protocols and multi-algorithmic analyses are performed.

Leaders in the emerging field of liquid biopsies

Clifton Life Sciences (CLS) is a leader in the emerging field of liquid biopsies. It focuses on the development of blood-based molecular diagnostic tests for personalized oncological medicine. The company’s products and services are based on its proprietary technology involving the identification of molecular signatures for a variety of different cancers.

Blood detection

CLS is developing novel molecular genomic blood detection systems for point-of-care diagnostic cancer applications including breast, colon, lung cancer, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, melanoma, myeloma and neuroendocrine cancers.

CLS platform

The CLS platform integrates molecular gene cluster and defines cancer specific signatures. Genomic analysis produces high performance quantitative laboratory test results from venous or fingerprick blood samples.

Portrait of a female scientist looking under a microscope analysing a test sample.

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